Friday, January 31, 2014

Heart Attack Movie Updates

Updated at 11: 23 AM
Climax has come to an end...keep watching this space for the complete movie review
Updated at 11: 19 AM
Climax on now...
Updated at 11: 16 AM
A massive fight has broke out now...Nithin is fighting hard to save the heroine
Updated at 11: 09 AM
Prakash Raj makes an entry now...
Updated at 11: 06 AM
Twists and turns are being showcased...serious scenes are on now
Updated at 10:56 AM
Yet another montage song 'Endukila Nannu' is on now...
Updated at 10:50 AM
Some tense scenes are heads into a serious mode
Updated at 10:46 AM
Ali makes an entry as a Rajinikanth fan
Updated at 10:42 AM
The montage song 'Thuhi Hai Thuhi' is on now...
Updated at 10:36 AM
Twists in the story are slowly being revealed now
Updated at 10:32 AM
The movie has now head to Goa...
Updated at 10:25 AM
Post interval a beautiful girl has been introduced...'Ra Ra Vasthava' song is on now...
Updated at 09:59 AM
Movie enters Interval with an interesting bang...
Updated at 09:56 AM
Twist in the tale...'Selavanuko' song is on now, movie heading towards the Interval...
Updated at 09:45 AM
Some funny scenes featuring Nithiin and Brahmanandam are on now...
Updated at 09:36 AM
The super hit song 'Chupinchandey' is on now...choreography looks good
Updated at 09:32 AM
Actor Ajay makes an entry..massive fight breaks out with nithiin
Updated at 09:23 AM
The second song 'Nuvvante Naku' is on now..Nithin is showing his dance moves..
Updated at 09:21 AM
Some comedy scenes between Adah and Nithiin are on now..
Updated at 09:15 AM
Brahmanandam makes an funny entry as Iskon Ramana...
Updated at 09:13 AM
Heroine Adah Sharma has also been introduced in Spain...
Updated at 09:09 AM
The first song 'Thats All Right Mama' is on now....Nithiin looks cool with a pony..
Updated at 09:01 AM
A posh looking Nithiin has been introduced in the beautiful locales of Spain..
Updated at 08:58 AM
A drug racket has been busted in Goa..
Updated at 08:50 AM
A beautiful model with heavy tattoos is being showcased on the beach...titles are now rolling
Updated at 08:48 AM
The Movie has just started and its 2 hours 30 minutes long...


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